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One Two Ten Shares ‘Heathers’.

ONE TWO TEN is a band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the member of the band create melodies true to nostalgia, pop, and rock n’ roll aesthetics that range from different decades. What it all comes down to is fun, fun, and more fun.

‘Heathers’ is a song that is indicative and representative of the nature of ONE TWO TEN. They want you to have a good time. They want to produce music that make you dance, bop, and roll, out of that seat and smile. They want to have a great time together with you.

Mission. Accomplished.

Made up of Andrew May, Brandon May, Spencer Grob, Evan Burgess, Jon Castiglione, plus Randy May with sound production & management, the vibin’ 50’s and 90’s ‘Grease’ like fabulousness shine in their latest single.

The band is made for fun and sun, where ever you may be.

So kick back and enjoy.



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