Oneida – ‘All In Due Time’ (Official Audio Vid)

‘Insufferable’ and ‘boisterously elegant’: these are phrases we thought of when listening to Oneida’s All In Due Time. Wonder if scientists think or have thoughts like this song when a ‘eureka’ moment happens? Or wonder if Baristas make that perfect shape and art on that big, big cup of coffee foam?

It’s good stuff.

Six years have passed, since a new album had been offered and published. ‘Romance’ will set it right again. It’s the FIRST publishing via Oneida’s new partners at Joyful Noise Recordings, and all are excited.

When we were young, and once under the influence of a strong flu infection, there remained a memory of the body being very, very limber. And when the body became limber, it became pliant. It became like play-doe, a substance that could take on shapes of many facets and liberties, without limit or hierarchy. Walking from the bedroom, towards the hallway, the body just shrunk and suddenly became think as 3 sheets of print paper. Wavy, but still able to walk, it came across the hallway wall. Then suddenly, the body slowly sank, horizontally, into the plastered and painted white wall.

“In Oneida, there are both regular metrical pulses/units, and more organically-derived rhythms that seem at first to be completely free…but they eventually reach a rhythmic harmony “in due time”…” – Oneida’s Bobby Matador via NPR

It felt nice and warm, seeping into that wall. There was zero resistance. There was no pain.

Just numbness.

The memory of course was in the head and intoxicated by mucho prescription drugs, but the story was distinct and hearty enough that the remnants survived.

And that kind of connection is inside ‘All In Due Time’ for us at CHF. It’s weird and psychedelic (classic Oneida way) but very immaterially Universal. It grabs ahold of an issue, but grabs NONE at all – at the same time. It’s very Continental in its approach, tossing twists and turns, but always expressing and enunciating in solid ways.

Oh, the glorious numbness.

As we say, it’s ‘elegant’ in its own way, and delivers, as we’d expect from Oneida.

The Brooklyn based musicians founded Oneida in 1997 and has been a staple of the NYC music scene ever since.


Purchase [HERE]

Here are some of their latest tour dates:

  • March 3 – Brooklyn, NY – Secret Project Robot
  • March 16 – Indianapolis, IN – The Hifi
  • March 17 – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle
  • March 18 – Kansas City, MO – Union Library
  • March 19 – Hot Springs, AR – Low Key Arts
  • March 21 – Raleigh, NC – King’s
  • March 22 – Atlanta, GA – 529
  • March 23 – Knoxville, TN – Pilot Light
  • March 24 – Baltimore, MD – Ottobar
  • April 21 – Providence, RI – AS220

Album Track List:

  • Economy Travel (5:15)
  • Bad Habit (5:56)
  • All In Due Time (3:03)
  • It Was Me (3:48)
  • Good Lie (6:58)
  • Lay of the Land (10:42)
  • Cedars (5:04)
  • Reputation (4:10)
  • Cockfight (4:37)
  • Good Cheer (4:26)
  • Shepherd’s Axe (18:12)

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