oogie Shares ‘DARK’. “So, who is the good, who is the bad, and who will be the ugly?”

Not sure where ‘Dark’ was going to take us. The intentions were unclear at the outset, with a typical tape rewind. But as the song enclosed on our senses with deep grooves, on grooves, it dawned on us that the song was more complex than the artist oogie, indicated.

There is very little information on this artist named oogie. A professional somewhere in the vastness of creativity (we guess), with a nurtured nature of a funk framed hiphop down tempo sensibility, clear of reason and ease.

The complexity of emotions are evident as the angst of personal griefs, both small and large, are etched in the edges of the song.

Collage of memories, real or fantasy, the change of timing and visions portrayed within the end, makes it, at the drop of a hat, delicious and unreasonably unforgettable.

So, who is the good, who is the bad, and who will be the ugly? Guilt? Happiness? Good riddance? Nihilistic neglect?

Who knows.

A fact which will die with the inner crevasse of the artist’s heart.

This is the first solo venture for oogie. The new debut solo EP ‘GUM GUM’ is available now.


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