Openness ‘Last Summer in Tokyo’ : Condensed into the right choice of words, then emission in truth, opens up eyes. See in another wonder.


With tragedy in elevation, the heightened aura of the last time she’d met him, lingered in the vastness of a private and intimate soup of nothingness.

A simmering and opportune insurgence, tackled into submission of rapture and desire, the longing protrudes with obviousness.

“Will this be the end? Will there be another?”

Openness is the project of Keelan McDorman. And through it he “seeks to explore our connection to the universe through timeless expression and unconditional love.”

Brought to life through collaboration with a plethora of musicians, Openness invites another angle of your soul, to explore and stick around.

A warmth, like the hearth of a loving embrace, ‘Last Summer in Tokyo’ is a lyrically vexing and alluring vision, both manic and embraceable.

A subterfuge of feelings, condensed into the right choice of words, then emission in truth, Openness opens up eyes, to see in another wonder.


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