Optimystical ‘All Types of Love’ : Longing that is expressed in the most enduring.


Experimental and emotional, Optimystical played 50+ shows in the past 2 years in the southwest US. Written by Guitarist Thom Clifton on synth/ keys and Nutter Tut on vocals, ‘All Types of Love’ returns that kind of vibe, from the intentional and reflective with vibrant ecstasy.

The song encapsulates a deviation in sound from the band’s first EP ‘Smile and Wave’ which was more guitar based; this track, and all of the newest EP ‘Void Of’, are songs that were written primarily on piano/ synths and produced with a more atmospheric vibe while still keeping the big builds and rock influences of the last EP.

Contemlative, heavy, gravitational, ‘All Types of Love’ is a longing that is expressed in the most enduring.


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