Ora Violet ‘Creep Negativo’ : Humor and a truck full of knives come flinging out from the work.

Ora Violet

“With the US elections looming and the press dominated by Trump’s daily scandals and missteps, Creep Negativo was inspired by the insane idea that our world leaders can be pussy grabbing, perma tanned epitomes of evil.“

That’s true still today. And as the likelihood of the wound left over by the outgoing administration, there will be even more burden for citizens to work smart to get the country back to where it should be: a leader.

Humor and a truck full of knives come flinging out from the work of Ora Violet’s, ‘Creep Negativo’.

Influenced by Lenny Bruce, Michael Spicer & Bill Hicks, the song was written as a boastful, “first person narrative, an imaginary eavesdropping on a phone call, from an inebriated Boris Johnson to Nigel Garage, after the Brexit vote, discussing their populist hero, Donald J Trump.”

There seems to have not been much work done from the great nations of the US and the UK, as distractions from its lack of leadership, conjured much of fluff and no return on investment.

Let’s see how things go after Trump is gone, and Brexit is finalized.

Much cleaning up to do, indeed.


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