Oranj Son – Still

Oranj Son’s Still is an eclectic semi-punk interpretation, undoubtedly rhythmic, undeniably UK rock. That all means to us that it’s kick-butt kind of music. Drop that chin, up and down head bob – Still is a fab song that gets the rock-feel going.

We’d wish this song had gotten an accompanying music video, though. Because we think it deserves it.

Imagine it, they are hanging in their native town, wallowing about, doing their young-men things, possibly cackling at cute girls, meeting other friends and talking about the day’s goings on. But then a willowy protector from the future comes into their pub, and tells them they need to help him defeat the overlord, “Bob”.

Here the video cuts to becoming an animation, and the adventure starts – they’d never knew aliens can be vicious, and music videos be so awesome.

At the end the band rescues the damsel in distress, defeats “Bob”, and comes back to the UK- returning to reality.

All is well again.

The band is four piece band, who experiments with synth, electronica, and mix of outputs. That’s always cool, in our book.


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