ORCHA ‘Euphoria’ : With warmth and maybe that chance you’d been looking for.


Vacuous and wandering, the mind reels with thoughts and vibes, unrelenting and eternal. A sudden jolt of prescience, dangle hopes and dreams over the darkening steppes of love and longing.

But there is joy in the solemn, and the excitement of professing such goodness, through the gray and the melancholically happy.

“’Euphoria’ is a track I wrote about searching for experiences which give that joyful, euphoric feeling of being alive. It’s a song about being hopeful and optimistic, always seeking those transient moments of elation in between periods of ordinary everyday life, a never-ending staircase towards exultation. It’s like the light at the end of the tunnel that slowly grows brighter, but always seems to stay so far away and distant; continually calling to you with each step.”

With the world of universal truths at the tips of the production, ORCHA’s self expression, highlighted by angsts and a whole lot of optimism, ‘Euphoria’, delivers with warmth and maybe that chance you’d been looking for.

ORCHA’s new album ‘Reflections’, is out now.


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