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Orchid Mantis – Where You Are (Feat. Josh Augustin)

“It’s the first ORCHID MANTIS song to feature another artist – that’s always been hard to picture with how improvisational my recording process has been in the past. In this case though, things really happened to come together just right. Early on I recognized that Josh’s voice felt like a natural fit, and the arrangement was loose enough that I could accommodate another perspective stepping in.” As a part of the upcoming EP ‘Light As Leaving’ (Sept 17th), the artist named ORCHID MANTIS survives with the dew of the morning calm of music and vibes. ‘Where You Are’ is that continuation of the dreamy bedroom-pop you crave and want to own. Josh’s vocals, delicately presented as they are, are a great match over the gentile facets of the instrumentals. A repeat on a thought – a feel – a way of describing the circumstances you preside.

Steve Itterly – Livin’

Off of EP ‘House Songs’ the ghosts of Dylan float over the peaceful pond of emotions in STEVE ITTERLY’s single ‘Livin’. As the acoustic instruments, harmonize with dedication and thoroughfare, the beautifully simple guitar licks mount a charge up the hills of the challenging life we live. It’s an anthem. It’s a song of the self, over coming the little things. And when the little things are conquered, we become victorious in the ‘big’. Physically, this was a story of Steve’s challenges during his journey in building his home. Emotionally, we can gather the same inference to our own efforts in building our lives.

Sal Forte – Not Knowin’

‘Not Knowin’ is a song that is art, pop, Midnight Oil, and Billy Joel. Of course all of that is within this tasty alt-rock prog-punk vibin’ frame of mind. And it’s so hooky, don’t you think? Especially with SAL FORTE’s vocals kicking butt with the highs as crisp and raspy as it comes. Enthusiasm is built into this fabulous single, as the lyrics are jumbled in multiple stories, but somehow (and delectably) come converging to a degree of solitude that is beautiful in a way. Sal said: “The chorus be the reward.” We think the whole song is the bee’s knees. We’re not sure whom or who make up the project, but heck, SAL FORTE, brings some fabulous intangibles to the stage. Hoping to know more.

Unknown Land – Cathedral

Lucia Ponticas (Chile) and Rob Bryant (Australia) are internationally located musical duo, who collaborated through the Internet and make songs like ‘Cathedral’. The dark-synth vibes of the song casts a longing spell. And as the duo who’d met and corresponded through Twitter in 2015, they’d successfully overcome challneges (i.e. languages, etc) to come a place of releasing their 2nd full album together (out now). What an achievement. Seeing a handful of such bands (more prevalent maybe as the years go forward) makes our hearts cheer them on.

Meadow Argus – A Tender Terror

MEADOW ARGUS is a studio based musical project with Australian composer, Jevan Cole, at the helm. The guitar centric ‘neo-mythic’ story telling concept is a journey through the rural span of Australian living. Reverb, swirls, vacuum in consequences – all come into play as the song deviates from road to road, with hymns in tow. ‘A Tender Terror’ is another part of Jevan’s spacey and folksy commentary of sound and unremitting audible resonance.

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