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Organised Scum // LYSO // Izi Phoenix // Baby Missiles // Big Language

Organised Scum – Fotograph

ORGANISED SCUM is sophistication at work. ‘Fotograph’ is Brit-rock, subtle, never volatile – perfect to the tastebuds. The statuesque endeavor of this indie-rock offering is from this enigmatic and new band. And it’s the gradation of life that you always desired, but didn’t want to seem to forward. With ORGANISED SCUM, you can. With deep and funky bass to enlighten, it drives the melancholic vocals over the grills of fashion-chic aesthetics to lather and cleanse your pallet of remaining emotional dander and expositions to nonsense. ‘Fotograph’ is something to hold on to, if you can. It is a warm cup of tea when you were cold in the summer heat of passion and the negatives of the world. It’s that warmth you’d been craving. Look out for more from this hidden gem.

LYSO – A Road To Follow

Power is in the honesty. It is what makes impactful descriptions and road to enlightenment. It is the content that is the anchor to all that is holy. LYSO’s single ‘A Road To Follow’ heeds that road to self journey and exposition towards the inner recognition. LYSO’s anger, angst, hesitations, and redemptive manuscripts are hints for you to implore. “’A Road To Follow’ is about being at a crossroad,” explains Lyso about the new song. “I need to make a decision and it’s going to be a crucial one. A new challenge makes me stronger and vulnerable at the same time – and I always choose the unbeaten path.” The Italian-British artist sings as he’s done during his 20 years of touring. LYSO feels and presents like a vet, born and re-born – always looking forward.

Izi Phoenix – See Us Go Alone

“See Us Go Aloneis about leaving your old life and starting a new one,” explained IZI PHOENIX. “Not abandoning the old one and the people you love, but by being absent for a while it gives you the chance to be completely open without any prior judgement to live, learn and grow in the world. At the end the lyric ‘see you there’ is reassuring that this isn’t goodbye. You’ve brought me up into this person who’s ready for the world and I’d like you to come see who I’ll become.” That says it all. Cambridge based singer/songwriter is a mix of Sigur Rós like intensions, with emotive vocals that mesmerize the light within. The genuine integrity sings through the whispers and empathies. The words of a beautiful sublimation, contextualizes to a sharp endeavor, to reveal ‘that something’ within ‘that space’ of the consciousness. ‘See U Go Alone’ is a movement by un-movement’s sake.

Baby Missiles – I Can’t Win

Beautiful. Intense. BABY MISSILES’ single ‘I Can’t Win’ is a duet presentation between Pale Honeys’ Tuva Lodmark and Baby Missiles’ Patrik Wennberg. Two side to one story, when someone is interviewed. But this time, two sides are told, in the same timeline, and in the same suppleness that makes it so delectable. Two hearts destined to be together are magically described in this single. But the song is of unfettered disaster for the lovers, never again, ready to be together, except in memory. Or could they? The intense and interesting offering is a match made in heaven, if not for the protagonists in the song. It is creamy with a dollop of sheen on top, while the delicious peach slices dance upon the instrumentations, giving way, just enough to make the dance floor grand with melancholic happiness. Beauty, indeed.

Big Language – Hold Me Tight

Comprising of lead singer Barrett Wilson, bassist Frank Caito, and drummer Matt Thompson, the band is a throwback to classic rock and progressive fabulousness. An amalgam of many facets of rock and rock n’ roll, the trio is a tour de force in complex and integral layering of sounds and constructive purpose. It is a rare commodity, as the band digs deep and hard into the residence of mind and body with ‘Hold Me Tight’. Brett Wilson’s timely and tactical falsetto vocals, hit at the right moments in the single, as every note is either anticipatory to the ultimate peak, to come. You sweat with the changes, as the full workout from ‘Hold Me Tight’ drives you insane with fulfillment and satiation. The delight this song provides, validates with no excuses. What fun, indeed.


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