Organised Scum Share ‘Basic’. He Didn’t Want That To Go Away. Never.


Lenny picked up the sack of oranges from the corner market, and he was eager to eat those suckers. Juicy, he thought, when purchasing through the pay booths. He thought of them as ‘juicy’ when he picked the oranges from the pile of oranges in the middle of the fruit section of the shop, too. That’s a weird thought, he repeated to himself. And he knew this, for from when he was young, he noticed, each day, there was always ONE particular thought that made him focus until he went to sleep. This time, it was about those dang oranges.

They were pretty to look at (from an agricultural point of view), but not extraordinarily significant for a normal, run-of-the-mill layman.

But this was the ‘everyday’ for Lenny. He accepted it. And he’s always surprised how his brain thought, and reacted to weird banal things in his travels through the day.

It was a mystery.

But it was HIS. HIS alone. He hated the ‘curse’, as he’d sometimes call it. But as he’d aged and matured, he came close with the unique fervor of his brain and its mechanics.

He didn’t want that to go away. Never.

ORGANISED SCUM has no social media presence. Whoa. And this little single ‘Basic’, in its way, collects the nature of what relationships are, or can be, or what YOU deem it. Well, at least that’s what we get out of it. The molasses rhythm of the song, makes it peaceful in mind, as well. It’s a good thing.

Here are some lyrics we like: “So peaceful that I feel it lasered your mind in a single file. But kept you open-eyed. After the fact of feelin’ so blue: could it all be true? They lose their use for you.”

Interesting, for sure.

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