Örnsberg Shares ‘I look so good’. “Celebrating the unknown and soon to be crystal.”

With a sultry basin, replete with conscious resistance and mannerism, Örnsberg’s single ‘I look so good’ is a dedication to a pop ingratiation and worship that is diabolically delicious.

From the vocals to the instrumental elements, the electric guitar lick driven amphitheater of sounds, give supple nonchalance and visions of grandeur to something that is predictable in our daily grind for love, success, and all the gray in between.

Mainstream and off the beaten path, Örnsberg’s unique sensibility blare out of the corner of this song, encapsulating the vagueness of our lives, but at the same time celebrating the unknown and soon to be crystal.

The expectation of the new, is the new dawn within this melancholic but contrast defying single.



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