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Orouni // Boy & Bear // Micky James // T. Soomian // Joel Stanton

Orouni – The Lives Of Elevators

‘The Lives Of Elevators’ was inspired by a New Yorker Magazine article, which told the story of an employee stuck for 41 hours in an elevator of the Rockefeller Center. Director Ange Leccia is one of the French pioneers of video art. His works are present in many international museums (Guggenheim in NYC, Centre Pompidou in Paris…). He also recently mixed pieces of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” video with footage of the first moon landing. In Orouni’s music, the Kinks dance with Chassol, Belle & Sebastian dance with Dylan and Malian music plays with the Beatles. A luminous, organic and extremely caring music, with a little extra soul that makes all the difference. Lovely charm and innocence follow where DROUNI contends. See them next @ Cinéma Luxeuil Espace Molière, in Luxeuil-les-Bains, France on October 3rd.

Boy & Bear – Telescope

Of contentment and inspiration where BOY & BEAR’s single ‘Telescope’ comes from. A spacey and comforting vibe of which is thrown over your feelz, just like that time when everything just felt right in this world. Their first new music since 2015’s Limit of Love, which debuted at #1 in their native Australia, the newest album ‘Hold Your Nerve’ is a classic pop-rock endeavor that sings with vibrance, but keeps its cards close to its chest. A line of cynicism and volatility, edges the soul of this album and the style in which each song seems to exude. And we’re definitely fine with that, for a song like ‘Telescope’ is beautifully arranged with maximum talent to please your realistic but positive outlooks.

Micky James – Cry Baby

New York’s glam rock artist Micky James. What can we say that his music doesn’t say for him already?? Hmmmm. MICKY JAMES is ol’ school glam that combine both the nuance of the originating 70’s and of the 80’s glam phenomenon. Subtle at time, and throttling with juxtaposing rock n’ roll essences, Micky puts the palpitatingly glorious vibes back into something that is there to do one thing only: Rock your pants off… and maybe make you and your partner, get naked. And have some sexy and fabulous times…together. Anywho. Sorry for that. Well, when there is a HINT of COWBELL in a song, you know it’s rock in the OG sense, and your primal urges for rock, surges upwards through your skin. Guess that’s what we wanted to say about Micky’s single ‘Cry Baby’. Little dash of taunt. Little splash of trolling. Little clap of fabulousness. And a whole lot of hard nosed glam. Yep. Enjoy this, y’all.

T. Soomian – 1979

Los Angeles based T. Soomian conjures up the eclectic influences of life in a global metropolis on Love Relief, a lush eight-track debut that ventures through ‘70s psychedelia and modern R&B with a thread of sticky lofi pop hooks to thread the project together. T.S. gets it done with a dollop of tongue-in-cheek, wholesome irreverence to the now, and an invaluable sense in love and the art of loss. Yes. The art. Dang it. The sultry ride down a river of happiness just makes it just fun and inviting. ‘1979’ releases the chemicals in your brain so that you understand what is bing presented. And your brain approves.

Joel Stanton – High Tide

Los Angeles musician, Joel Stanton, writes and produces synth-driven indie pop songs. While a fondness for Paul Simon and Hall and Oates linger in his singer-songwriter subconscious. His vocal-forward approach is an ode to the pop music tradition that has inspired him since day one. The project JOEL STANTON is dreams, within dreams, moist in texture and tender in its longings. The supple left over of hand prints on a dew filled morning, is that calm but intrepid alignment to a predictably beautiful day. Or in this case, a lover’s journey for this kernel of care and dexterity. Charming in all of its settlements.


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