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The Orwells ‘Vacation’: It’s a necessity sometimes. Vacay, we mean.

Vacation is has a very ‘I don’t give a fu*k, because my life isn’t that special’ kind of tone, no? But it’s weirdly catchy.

We’d gotten to know a bit of The Orwells, first quarter of this 2017, and didn’t really think we’d enjoyed the songs that much (well, just didn’t match our tastes, at that moment). But they grew on us.

We know, we know. It’s a party foul.

But we are big enough to come back and re-examine.

And thankfully, we’d re-considered and we dig them lots.

Still don’t know exactly why, but we do (just like some readers of CHF feel).

Maybe that, in itself, is the angle?

Oh well, go figure =D

Let’s watch their video again, shall we?


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