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Oscar Velez Shares Single ‘Only Time Has The Answers’.

The New Jersey native, OSCAR VELEZ, comes at us with his debut single ‘Only Time Has The Answer’. It is a finalization of a protagonist’s heart break and his ultimate sacrifice of the love of his life.

Letting her go.

Or keeping her, for misery and future heart aches.

Tough question.

One solution isn’t selfish.

The other, very much so.

One is short term.

One is for the betterment of all parties.

Can that be done? We’re a bit cynical sometimes here at CHF, and most could not. However, some would sacrifice their short term gains, for the real love he would have for his girl.

Oscar has an interesting voice. The monotone voice however, fits right in and comfortably (successfully) describe the journey of that protagonist’s angst. The gentle weeping of the lyrics, sweep away the hurt, at least in the form of words. Consolation is that it will be a better world – for you, them, all of us.

It’s a lesson to be considered, don’t you think?


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