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Oscar Wright-Shaw Shares ‘Nauseous’. “Shock settles to devastate in awe.”

Shock settles to devastate in awe. Some news bedevils our notions and halts our daily day-to-day activities. Depression slowly creeps in, as all of the joints and muscles seem to slow down and hurt. The pain of it all is an incessant gnawing struggle, as your conscious mind is in denial of the facts.

OSCAR WRIGHT-SHAW brings us ‘Nauseous’, and in it, he explores the fine grained nuances of knowing of a family member being diagnosed with cancer. Reactions are predictable for humans, and in a close knit family, support is immediate and thorough.

But in the realms of the unconscious, we take news, in different ways. And in those moments of emotional stagnation, we touch on our own little manicured secrets, thinking in a dream pasture of trepidation and ogling lust. The passions build, and ‘what if..’ visions come to the fore.

“Morning sunshine. You sleep well Oscar? Get some breakfast. It’s a beautiful day out.”

“Thanks mom.”

We think ‘Nauseous’ is a fabulous single – of outrageous effort in commentary, with an overarching tinge of solitude, confidence, and honest summations.

Let’s get to know more of OSCAR WRIGHT-SHAW.



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