OSKA ‘Honeymoon Phase’ : Presenting the whims of love… Its unmistakable delight in the ebbs and flows of confusion.


Austria based artist OSKA prevails in presenting the whims of love, its understated dream-like violence, and its unmistakable delight in the ebbs and flows of confusion.

But in the light of it all, we are animals, hesitant and delivered by the experience of our emotions – together in pain and pleasure.

“A lot of my songs deal with some manifestation of trading gold for a honeymoon phase,” OSKA said. “This particular song is about losing oneself in a relationship for something that in itself isn’t built to last: a honeymoon phase.”

Lesson isn’t in the ending of such trials and tribulations. It is in the fact that it ever existed in the first place. Accepting and enjoying, even when short – that’s where we thrive and live for another day.


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