Oskar La Barre & Palo G ‘Everybody’ : Blending afrobeat, house, and rap. A slow burning ray of sunlight.

Palo G

The new debut song of Brighton debutant producer Oskar La Barre together with the Spanish rapper / gentlewoman Palo G is the summer vibe you’ve been looking for. Blending afrobeat, house, and rap resulting in a slow burning ray of sunlight called ‘Everybody’.

This collaboration between the Berlin based artist and the young British producer brings with it a message of unity and collective power channelled towards a better future in the wake of the global pandemic and climate crisis we’re all enduring.

Projecting both genders prototypes, Palo G’s progressive style adds a refreshing, Mediterranean twist to the poetic discourse. The new intellectual is what Palo pursues and tries to connect with. Hip hop is a language for her, a medium, a feeling.


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