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Oskar Nordbø Shares ‘Chased Down By Your Thoughts’.

Oskar Nordbø is a folk artist who is pop. Or is it the way other way around? Well, no matter what we – the listeners – want to label his works, it all comes down to how gloriously juicy they can be. And we all won’t care what they are called.

‘Chased Down By Your Thoughts’ is Oskar’s latest and it just exudes preference for the beauty of the unique and comforting of the unknown. The honest to goodness construction is of the styles of Bon Iver, Tallest Man on Earth and Pheobe Bridgers.

His catchy melodies and surrounding tinge of melancholic vocal attentions, keeps every note and sentiments, delightful and aromatic.

This song was produced by Kid Astray’s, Benjamin Giørtz.

Questioning religion and of life itself, is the Oskar way. And with his talents in songwriting, the heavy and deep subject matter is lightly coated in the sparkles of effervescence that only Oskar seems to create so easily.

Oskar’s a treat.

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