Oskar Nordbø ‘Silently’ : A soft insurgence, that delight with flower petal utterance.

Oskar Nordbø / Photo : Simen Sørhaug

Delight in the circumstance. A revelry, within the moment. A stretched out mile of notions, perpetrated by the expectations of the foregone conclusion. He wiped his sweaty brow, as he smirked at the sight of life. What’s to come and what’s just happened. Who knows, he thought. But marched one, he shall, and there was nothing else that would stop him from doing so.

Oskar Nordbø’s single ‘Silently’ is irreverent, tender, and graceful in its majesty. A small tantamount of convulsions of thoughts, meld, beautifully in a supple ordinance of explosions and exclamations. A soft insurgence, that delight with flower petal utterance.

His upcoming album ‘The Flood’ works at capturing the essence, and with ‘Silently’, Oskar smiles with a big heart, calming your trepidations and angst.

Following up his EP ‘Prelude’, expectation for his album is grander and more poignant.

Look for more from Oskar.


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