Oskar & Vargarna ‘Konstigt’ : And when it’s like that – it’s magic, ain’t it?

Oskar & Vargana

The intended vibrance and fun-factor of Oskar & Vargarna’s single, ‘Konstigt’, comes in that beautiful surge of waves – again and again. As the chorus, sets you up to be loved and sentimental, the pop bridge, engorges on your love for such.

You fall in love – again and again.

When there is a description of what Swedish pop and rock is all about, one of the first things that comes to mind is this kind of effervescence and freshness.

A waft of good vibes, mixed into the surf rock, alt-pop endeavors, invite you into a world that just makes you feel good.

And when it’s like that – it’s magic, ain’t it?


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