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Oslo Oscillator Shares ‘Newlands’. Triggers Emotions We Thought Were Packed Away.

Not really sure why we kind of felt very emotional at the bridge of the single ‘Newlands’ by Oslo Oscillator. Technically it’s the formulation, but from a strict ‘feel’ perspective, it hit the right chords – within our hearts – making us think about the past highlights of our relationships. The girlfriends, the family members, the friends – all loving, arguing, fighting, recovering, and then just enjoying a quiet day at the beach with some beer and conversations in hand.

That’s what ‘Newlands’ brings out in us. Might not be what the guys in the band intended, but whether or not the actual personal subject matter equates, the poignant triggering of thoughts and emotions, is notable.

It all has to do with the ‘banal’ sometimes.

You and her, quietly enjoying the crisp night, watching the stars.

You and him, drinking up each other’s gaze, in deep love and future expectations.

You and the little grand son, playing silently, laughing, smiling, enjoying the moment of Now.

The 90’s feel is there. But it’s refined and up to date, we thinks with this offering by Oslo Oscillator. And we appreciate that to the hilt. It’s quite a re-discovery of sounds from a band of brothers.

The band consists of: Kåre Eriksen, Anders Salomon Lidal, Håvard Krogedal, Benjamin Markstein, Even Aarebrot Winje, and Ole Johannes Åleskjær.


Their debut album ‘City Nomads’ drops later in 2018.



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