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Östersjön Shares ‘Tonight’ (Audio & Video). “Oh Nothing. Well, Everything.”

Taking your hand into mine was a special moment for me. Your soft hands, no blemishes, long and beautiful, reminded of you, just a moment ago. I close my eyes, and imagine you kissing me. Then I open my eyes, and there you are, smiling, supportive, gorgeous. I melt into your brown abyss, tender as the night can be. I pose your hands onto my right cheek, then consume your skin’s textures. Dreamy vibrations consult with my heart, to reveal my lust for you.

Love for you.

Adoration for you.

“What were you thinking about just now?”

“Oh nothing. Well, everything.”

“What was it about? You had the most content look on your face.”

“It was about you, Caroline.”

Just like the Baltic Sea, Östersjön encapsulates succinctly the dreamy effervescence of what could be love, at a moment, your moment, our moment. It’s the mix of trepidation, fear, happiness, contentment, and excitement, all rolled into one.

‘Tonight’ embarks on this journey, and takes us with it. The land of intermingling souls, is a dense and mysterious place. And with ‘Tonight’ we can just part the brushes wide enough, to give a glance.

This creative Swede’s latest EP ‘Home’ is available now.



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