Other Chris ‘Drink Beers’ : Because we all can use more understanding, don’t we?

Other Chris

Hit like a brick. Surprised turning soon into offense. Offense turning into a personal anger. Anger, into acceptance.

“You know when you start dating someone and just as it’s get serious one or both of you brings up an ‘out’? Eg: ‘I’m moving to LA in 2 months.’ Well this song is about the first time someone hit me with an out and my realising, in that moment, that I was totally fine with it because I was enjoying that moment whether or not we had a future together.”

The scar does remain however. No matter how small.

Other Chris talks and sings with the slices of life that we can all relate. Horrors of relationships and something-of-love, are blended into a shiny ball of understanding and maybe betterment with Other Chris’ ‘Drink Beers’.

Because we all can use more understanding, don’t we?


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