Other Nature Shares ‘Beautiful Machine’. “Let’s dance!”

We saw ourselves dancing to this fabulous effervescence in ‘Beautiful Machine’. Our aims were simple: (1) Listen intently on this synth laid 80’s pop neon, (2) Think about whether to broadcast our dancing on the Internet, and (3) If our family members would approve of the moves.

Needless to say, we danced, but privately, and listened with enjoyment to OTHER NATURE’s offer.

We’re shy. And to be honest, who would like to see CHF dance online, right??

Anywho, the veteran musicians and artist Sena Verdi and Tariq Khan has come together on this latest of their project and gives us a glimpse into what mere ‘mortals’ can expect to do on a stage. The fun song is compelling in its light-heartedness, and deviously colorful in its authentic energy.

This 80’s infused single is made for festivals, where, if you didn’t know, it’s a lot to do with ‘atmosphere’.

And baby, ‘Beautiful Machine’ sure does have that fab atmosphere.

So, listen to this song from Sena and Tariq.

Oh, and think carefully, before dancing and broadcasting over the Internet.

Your family might surely approve.


Let’s dance!



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