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The Oto Factory – Crazy 4 U (ft​​.​​ MZP)

The Oto Factory’s ‘Crazy 4 U’ and it might be the 90’s beats thing going on, but the stress from our shoulders lifted and vanished into thin air – for we forgot for a while that we were working. The song is fun, accessible, understandable, and has Auto-Tuning, to boot.

We know, we know.

Others do this thing TOF is doing. But they’re not here, being listened to by CHF.

And besides, there’s something about this song that we really dig.

It’s that light, unassuming – exuding the ‘innocence’ of the 90’s essence, thing that’s cool, we believe. The clarity of the recording and fixed with the 2 language lyric mix comes out very well.

Lastly, it’s fun.



Doing that break-dance move, you Never knew you could even attempt (at the desk).

Anywho, as far as we can tell, there are 4 producers within the group, and they do make some tasty stuff.

Have a listen at their Bandcamp page, to be sure.

To be honest, the Auto-Tuning got us bad.

Such fun.


‘Crazy 4 U’ is off of their ‘Recruit’ EP, which dropped in November 28, 2017.

They’re rep’ed by Rallye Label (Kanazawa JPN) and Ano(t)raks (Tokyo JPN).



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