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Ottoman Shares ‘Fire in the hole’. “Straight forward, rack ’em up, knock it down, good time.”

Good times are what we look for sometimes, and when OTTOMAN comes rolling into town with their first release single ‘Fire In The Hole’, you let the world off of your shoulders and just rock.

No stress.

No pressures.

All just melts away, as the blaring but purposeful buzz of the guitars drive that burden, out of your soul.

Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, the band wants you to know that they are all about ‘fire and brimstone’ and that they think you’ll dig their attitude, gumption, and bold, balls-to-the-wall rock.

We would agree.

As the blending of thumping rock courses through their’s and the audience’s veins, we all enjoy that vision – that zone of ecstasy.

They ‘baby’ is OTTOMAN.

Their mission is to make you rock some more.

Then a little more.




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