Owen Meany’s Batting Stance ‘Krakow’ : Silence in pain. Urging in screams that reverb through the unyielding world.

Owen Meany

From LP ‘Feather Weights’, Owen Meany puts colors of story upon desires with ‘Krakow’. Owen Meany is the project of Daniel Walker.

“It was Canadian thanksgiving but, as the lone Canadian in the hostel, was spent navigating language barriers rather than family chatter over the dinner table… During the course of the tour, I also missed out on major life events friends and family celebrated. The crux of the song is how pursuing what you love can take you from who you love.”

The Canadian artist still explores the expanses of human emotions, through his writings.

Directed by Jesse Patrick Hiltz, the video manifests loneliness and absence following a solitary Daniel traipsing desolate, icy wilderness, whilst constantly being haunted by memories of the people he loves.

Loneliness and “absence” that is becoming of the world of the protagonist, is just too much to handle. From “conflicting” adulations of self loathing and the notion to know better, it’s unbearable to exist in the way he seems to define his existence.

Silence in pain. Urging in screams that reverb through the unyielding world.

Sacrifice for what you cannot stop. Work, life, family, friends.

Something’s got to give, along the way.


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