Owine ‘Wanted To’ : Real love is sought with pastel pleasures.


It’s what we think, when standing there with a drink, by the side of the bar, checking her out. The attraction is with her way of standing there, sporty and aggressive, without moving or trying to be so. You think to yourself again, that she’d be yours, if you really wanted to. But you do. You do want her. Now and maybe forever.

In ‘Wanted To’, real love is sought with pastel pleasures.

Owine expanded: “When I wrote this song at a Soho Bar in downtown London, the story of nightlife and jealousy aka ‘an event’ dawned upon me.. have you ever been perceived to be something that you’re not? Going out places I was immediately judged as being a f*** boy, but truth be told that isn’t me at all, I’m good at heart, the people I hung out with didn’t seem to care about other women’s feelings as much as I did yet I was still perceived to be one of them.”

Continued: “Ultimately I realised that all i needed to do was to mould in, move to their ideals and what they like and suddenly I felt that.. if I changed and became “the other guy” I could get you if I wanted to, it’s about chasing someone for the wrong reasons, about your own self-worth, and how far you’re willing to push the boat out for someone else.. I’m really excited for this track to be released, music is such a passion, self expression really heals.”

Kit Owine Harding is the proprietor of this project, Owine. It’s a hearty and honest writing comprehension where Kit’s vibrant story telling, collides fancifully and fulfilling-ly with his way of expressions. ‘Wanted To’ is ultra charming, with wavy undertones, inseperate vibes of decadence, all drizzled in the cast of innocent uncertainties of life.

Look for more from Owine.


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