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Owl Kill Shares ‘State Of Mind’. “Green-light towards what’s coming.”

James Manners

Driving and righteous in their music, OWL KILL is the 5 piece rock band from New Jersey you’d been waiting for. Headed by Pat Byrnes, with Greg Amato,
Mike Gelvan, Fabricio Barreto, David Vinder, it was a dang surprise when we heart their latest single ‘State Of Mind’. There is no evidence of some of the pretentious commercial post-punk/emo situation going on in this single. It felt true and straight forward, with driving vocals and a fabulous guitar riff hook.

Since 2014, the band has been garnering accolades for their astute angle to song making, and when the quintet come together, they seem to galvanize an emotion with subtle offerings, packaged in strong convictions.

The band has evolved from it’s beginnings as a songwriting duo of Pat Byrnes and guitarist Greg Amato, to a 4 piece, then expanding to a 5 piece for the 2019 season. And as the years have gone forth, they ride from strength to strength, never forgetting their roots and love for what they do.

To us, their sole energy is to drive the conversation. A conversation that is indicative of what has and will be, through a continuous notion for rock perfection and satisfaction. Performing in some of the more hallowed venues in New Jersey, the rock band keeps its cards close to their hearts, while telling all of us to keep on.

For it is a state of mind, and we think with all of the hard work and talents poured into the band, they know best.

‘State Of Mind’ is an offering of that green-light towards what’s coming.



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