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Oxen Shares ‘Limbo’. A contemplative sight of music dancing on that beach in your mind.

Oxen, the fab strum indie rock duo out of Sweden, can’t help but sweep you off your feet. Their first single ‘Limbo’ off of the upcoming album in 2018 is a fabulously sentimental skip and hop with the best friend from your younger years, living life, loving life, everything amusing you, and being elbow deep in the experience.

Because it deems it. Because it feels good.

The first notes are the incantations with which Erik Hases and Stefan Söderqvist, subdued us and told us a lullaby story of dragons and myths. ‘Limbo’ swings from left to right, digging into our hips, nudging them to say “Yea. I wanna dance in the hills, with our dragon neighbors”.

And what a sight THAT would be, right?

The story continues with Oxen, us at CHF, and the dragons going to California and lounging at a party on Manhattan Beach. The dusk light hitting us in our heads, the warmth waning, but supplemented and replaced by the beautiful fire pit courtesy of our dragon friends.

What a sight, indeed.

The light guitar work, the demure but confident vocals, and the ambience of a flying aeroplane, ‘Limbo’ is a refreshing take on a song, determination of musical inheritance, and down-right entertainment.

“It’s about the anxious feeling you get when you’re watching people trying to reach things that only exists in their mind. It’s kind of an underdog song.” – Oxen.

Erik and Stefan continues to horde greater and greater number of fans, and we could hear why. Their first two singles “Only Forever” and “Luck” got 100 000 and 200 000 streams respectively.

Now, it’s time that we get an album from them soon.

Kudos, guys. Kudos.

They’re rep’ed by the good folks at VARO, working hard out of Sweden.



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