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OxenFree – Machine

OxenFree’s Machine involves our brains to a journey into the question at hand: mortality, vices, and the possible multitude of complexities that could weigh us down. Can we live it? Can this be it? Can that be final premise? Does it end here? Curiosities abound, and ‘Machine’ opines in a simple but dramatic audio scape.

And we love this song to bits.

To us, here at CHF, the song delves our little fingers into the things that we (the public), in general don’t think about.

What do we do everyday?

We work, play, hobby, watch TV, watch YouTube, eat, sleep, do errands – our lives are extraordinarily ordinary, to a certain degree. Each of us have more excess of certain facets of life, but overall it’s just talking ‘degrees’.

It’s a hard life. We distract ourselves.

Collect. Wealth. Sex. Ego. High. Kids. Toys. Fantasies.

So, life, invariably, doesn’t allow time for us to insert ourselves to that discussion.

We fade. To actionable silence.

We just move on.

And this is where OxenFree’s ‘yells’ in this song permits us the license to do just that. It might be a small gesture, but it’s valuable in its own right.

Our human forms are just biologically engineered organisms. We’re limited. We’re fallible. We make mistakes.

It’s just not done.

But would it be better?

Would being merged with a machine-like-form-and-mind, better?

Would not having ‘vices’ make life more sustainable?

Would having a no ‘ups and downs’ make life more livable?

It’s certainly a thought.

OxenFree’s interpretation in the song isn’t wholly about immortality, but more about our human desires, and faults. And faults within our questions are part of that framework.

The band’s recent EP, Another Land, “is the most personal song on the record and also the one that took the longest to work through”.

Anywho, as we’d mentioned, the music is fab, and we dig it – to bits.

We’re certainly fans.

They sell their wares though those rascals at King Pizza Records out of Brooklyn.

Check ’em out!



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