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Ozonna Shares Single ‘So Good’. Yea But The Third ‘So Good’. It’s So Good x 3.

Yea, we know. The song is pop as can be. But can you listen? What we want you to do is listen to the chorus. Yes. The chorus.

Then listen for the third ‘so good’ in the lyrics.

You hear that inflection? Dip?

Yep. That’s what we’re talking about.

Done. Flip the steak, it’s nice and juicy.

The BBQ party is off to the fabulous start on a 4th of July holiday.

“I wrote ‘So Good’ about overcoming hardships and coming back into my power and sense of self,” Ozonna said. “It’s a song about self empowerment after experiencing some minor setbacks in life only to find and fall back in love with my self more emphatically.

OZONNA is a fab young artist from London, and from what we hear, is very much talented and is unique in his approach to production. ‘So Good’ is on that line between pure radio pop and this innovative indie ‘thang’ that is so very notable.

It’s worth your time.


‘So Good’ is produced by London producer David Ezra.

An album is on its way and scheduled for sometime late 2018.



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