P R A Y E R ‘Bubble Trouble’ : With minimal hints. And with just a gaze.


Gorgeous beginning, finalizing peaks – Prayer’s (Nicki Fehr) single ‘Bubble Trouble’ from his debut album ‘Violet’, glistens like the early morning shimmer off of that glowing sun through the darkness of the forest. An engaging synthesis of musical songs, ‘Bubble Trouble’ delivers in beauty and mystery.

Nick cites the otherworldly space and serenity such music creates along with its pure intention as a major influence. Not wanting to imitate or appropriate these sacred traditions, Fehr studied their common denominators and atmospheres while sticking to his own musical vocabulary.

While always rooted in the realm of music, Berlin-based artist Nicki Fehr sees his practice as a holistic endeavor. A special interest in the nature of consciousness, the subversive potential of pop culture, and spirituality in the digital age informs his oftentimes surreal and romantic practice.

It’s an inspirational rationale, dripping in prog-synth of notions, tickling your every move, with dapper bass and instrumental excises.

It says all of the things that needs to be said.

With minimal hints. And with just a gaze.


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