PAARIS ‘2020’ : Impending axe effervescence, raging in fire.


Enrique Marquez Paris is the provider of project PAARIS and he’s a guitarist, composer, and producer from Caracas, Venezuela. After playing in bands and collaborating with multiple artists for more than 18 years, PAARIS is my first solo project, a reflection of all the guitar heroes that inspired me to pick up the instrument.

‘NORA, his lastest EP, is a combination of different guitar styles and genres, pivoting from rock to prog, metal, punk, and even flamenco music. This first EP comes with great collaborators and well-known names from the prog and latin scene, such as Anup Sastry (Intervals, Monuments), Joey Izzo (Arch Echo), Adam Bentley (Arch Echo), Rudy Pagliuca (Latin Grammy Award Winner producer), Luis “Peep” Mendez and Diego Alvarez (Latin Grammy Awards Winner percussionist).

‘2020’ is a turn back into that glorious early 00’s where pop punk and guitar gods reigned and purveyed like no other. The guitar play from PAARIS in this single is hectic and manic, like it owned the world. A frenetic deliverance like a match between Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, becomes an impending axe effervescence, raging in fire.

It’s dynamic.


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