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Pablo Paddy ‘Lost Holiday’ : Though it might have killed you, for trying so.

A part of what we are and an exercise in empathy.

Pablo Paddy

Patrick Beedling leads the efforts of this indie rock project named Pablo Paddy. Emotive and wistful, ‘Lost Holiday’ is a story about that moment of no return (or at least feeling of the despair that comes with such a territory). Overcome and conquered. That is a part of the lesson. Though it might have killed you, for trying so.

“Lost Holiday is a song with latin-infused verses and a dreamy chorus,” said the band. “The lyrics are about some of the difficulties of the immigrant experience in Canada–tenuous work, financial hardship, feelings of alienation- and are inspired by friends and people I’ve worked with as a psychotherapist. My hope is that it comes across as sensitive to different cultural experiences and not culturally appropriative.”

Feeling lost, and confounded by what has happened in the life that existed, the voice inside told of unfathomable scenarios of what it’s going to be for the rest of life. Physical transitions, emotional deprivation, and the hourly questions of second guessing choices that had been made – the pillars of a person and soul, slowly is eaten up by the darkness.

‘Lost Holiday’ is not only about a larger, human experience. A part of what we are and an exercise in empathy.

After cutting his teeth as a solo artist in St. Catharines’ downtown music scene, Beedling recruited local players to bring his songs to life. The music—eclectic, and moody— draws from a range of influences, including folk, alternative, art-rock, and indie.



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