Pabst ‘Hell’ : Sadness, losing. What the heck.

Pabst / Photo: Max Hartmann

Grunge, garage-rock, punk and power-pop converge and in the depths of the galactic universe, Pabst, exists to conquer. Your rockin’ heart that is.

Off of their upcoming album ‘Deuce Ex Machina’ they drop loser ballads, bemoan gentrification and contemplate the end of the world.

‘Hell’ is a poignant song in their canon, which focusses on the darker feelings that can exist within everyone. It’s about sadness, suffering and losing all connection to reality – to the point of becoming invisible.

In an era where grunge has been marginalized into a fashion statement, Pabst is here to them justice. But within the realms of resisting such and pushing the boundaries, Pabst has become a statement of their own.

It’s a good thing.


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