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Paco Versailles ‘Libertine’ : As your ears perk and percolate.

Get you off of that train of minor despair and get you smilin’.

Paco Versailles comes at us again with the goodness that keeps on giving. And when you’re down a bit and need a bit of pick me up, you go forth and lift your finger, then push the play button to ‘Libertine’.

Funky, groovy, disco-y – the butter on the toast of what’s been on your shoulders and mind. It’ll get you off of that train of minor despair and get you smilin’.

Harnessing the energy of greats like Kool & The Gang, Paco Versailles have crafted another anthemic single that foregoes genre lines and transcends time.

The name Paco Versailles was conceived while imagining a collaboration between the duo’s biggest influences – the legendary Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia and French electronic artists Daft Punk and Air, both products of the Parisian suburb of Versailles.

Paco Versailles is a collaboration between guitarist/composer Vahagni and songwriter/vocalist Ryan Merchant (Capital Cities), and it charms the heck out of you, as your ears perk and percolate.

Let it begin, shall we?



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