Palace Winter ‘Top of the Hill (feat. Soffie Viemose of Lowly)’ : Enlightens the future horizon, clarifying the fog of the unknowns.

Palace Winter

“I was walking around this weird volcano island. The retro hotel was like a forgotten paradise resort. The whole thing felt like a Lynchian alternate reality. Caspar was sending me these synth hooks and drum loops from Denmark, so I started coming up with melodies and lyrical ideas to record into my phone” says Coleman about the contrast in which the new album was written, “coming from two entirely different environments.”

Palace Winter’s Carl Coleman and Caspar Hesselager offers ‘Top of the Hill’ from the upcoming third album ‘…Keep Dreaming, Buddy’, out Oct 23rd.

Featuring Soffie Viemose of Lowly, ‘Top of the Hill’ is a song that embraces. Chaos seems to be the norm, in an everyday observance. And in this acceptance, a different perspective blooms. A transformation of mind and body, enlightens the future horizon, clarifying the fog of the unknowns.

Carl added: “I began to think of the volcano as a metaphor for our lives: volatile, mysterious, beautiful, dangerous. No matter where you were on the island, you could see it. Looking down on us. Asleep. But at any moment, it might wake up and destroy everything.”

‘Top of the Hill’ is Palace Winter’s powerful embrace of both the ups and downs of life; the view from the top, and the long way there is to fall. Finally, this dualism is present in the duo’s distant yet paralleled search for inspiration in unexplored territory.

Their debut album, ‘Waiting For The World To Turn’, was one of 2016’s most exciting indie breakthroughs. The record included two BBC 6 Music playlist singles and received extensive media coverage including The Guardian and Q Magazine.


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