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Palco // Cass Miller // Natalie // Tia Gostelow // Bridal Party

Palco – Taking Your Time On Me

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter PALCO makes things just feel better. Many can sing well. But with PALCO, it’s her singing abilities, in combination with her technical astuteness and her way of expression, delivers with an angsty vigilance that is vitally distinct and so very attractive. ‘Talking Your Time On Me’ is one of those sultry examples of such deliveries. It rushes with a gentle roll. Just like the waves from the depths of an Ocean. As it accumulates towards the beaches, it roars in strength and obvious notability. Understated and melancholic, ‘Taking Your Time On Me’ is a beautiful love ballad, for a new day and days to come.

Cass Miller – Just Like Us

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania originating Los Angeles based artist CASS MILLER is a best of class, best traditions of artist like Kiesza, Julia Michaels, or Carly Rae Jepsen. The sultry confidence, even in her most sultry of vocal deliveries makes sense and makes you heart aflutter. Cass said: “This is my first official release since 2017. It is the first single off of my upcoming debut EP. The song itself was inspired by my shyness towards making the first move! Musically, the song has a super-catchy 80’s-pop feel to it.” ‘Just Like Us’ is an anthem for the hearts, getting to know each other. The future awaits.

Natalie – Devotion

Joining forces with producer Eddie Priest, NATALIE brings this classic r&b/soul vibin’ pop offering. Warm, moist, delight – wrapped in an incantation of shimmer and love’s suppositions, ‘Devotion’ casts a delectable rhythm. This summer, love potion for the summer keeps its infatuation of having the ‘the one’ in a night of dance and combustible exertion in emotions. A club, a meeting, a chance encounter all succumb to the need to be touched and cared for. ‘Devotion’ is a promise to the one who’ll come across such realities. Let’s hope.

Tia Gostelow – Get To It

TIA GOSTELOW’s inviting vocals is a siren call to a distinct place. The chorus derives and saturates with glitter, as the multicolored understatement in emotional prodding, keeps ‘Get To It’ engaging. Tia stated: “’Get To It’ is about not waiting until you think something is perfect to do it, not following the norm and doing things on your own terms. Just getting out there and getting shit done, how you want to do it and not feeling restricted by age or experience. This is a new mindset for me, becoming more self-awareness and not allowing my own fears to hold me back and keep me from being the best version of myself, regardless of who likes it or not.” See Tia next at The Tivoli Brisbane August 15th.

Bridal Party – Jukebox Cutie

BRIDAL PARTY wants to just have some fun. While learning to fall in love. Just like the heroes of stories do. The quirky tattle-tales of their single ‘Jukebox Cutie’ is an informed formula in having a crush for the one who might be ready for such commitment. Off of their upcoming LP ‘Too Much’ drops August 23rd. Bridal Party is Suzannah Raudaschl, Joseph Leroux, Jordan Clairmont, Lee Gauthier, and Adrian Heim. They have stories to tell, and you should be there to hear them. Lovely tones make a great companion on your own road to fulfilling those crushes that last.


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