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Palco Shares ‘Not Gonna Change Me’. “Heavy with consequence and understated grievance”.

Small doses of reality. Of the ups and downs of relationship. Of weight, heavy with consequence and understated grievance. Palco’s latest single ‘Not Gonna change Me’ – an anthem for the inflicted and for the soul that is determined to move on with strength – grinds with passion.

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter PALCO makes things just feel better. Many can sing well. But with Palco, it’s her singing abilities, in combination with her technical astuteness and her way of expression, which delivers with an angsty vigilance that is vitally distinct and so very attractive.

A pop song with a dystopian sound-sphere, heavy bass, and futuristic elements. The lyrics play on the idea of projections people often put on each other in their quest for love or connection. The prominent idea here centered around a strong main character who won’t let anyone change her to fit an ideal.

‘Not Gonna Change Me’ is a framed droning of under-breath chants in secret, awaiting to be exposed to current and future challenges of the heart.


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