Pale Blue Dot ‘Waiting for Signs’ : Charms with fabulous tangs and understanding for the truth in all of us.

Pale Blue Dot

“‘Waiting for Signs’ is a song about the realization of one’s self-worth,” elaborated Tony LaRocco. “If you don’t understand your emotions you are dooming yourself to the dangers of depression and anxiety. Ultimately you can be ruining your self and relationships in your life by negating your own emotions.”

Pale Blue Dot put their energy into ‘Waiting for Signs’, which features poignant piano sections from Butch Taylor (formerly of Dave Matthews Band).

Alternative rock band Pale Blue Dot’s Tony LaRocco. Since his ripe teenage years, fantastic music of all genres found its way into the life of LaRocco, whether it was his mother introducing him to Zeppelin or listening to Nine Inch Nails echoing on the turntable in his military academy dorm room.

‘Waiting for Signs’ is a beckoning arrangement of harmonies and beautifully inlaid mahogany of sounds which sings to our most inner vulnerabilities. The 00’s vibes, charms with fabulous tangs and understanding for the truth in all of us.

Tony LaRocco is joined by Turtle Zwadlo, Darby Wooten and Dakota Slager.


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