PALESS ‘Movie To Movie’ : Resisting against the erosion of time’s tides and its impending succession.


Not one to shrink like a violet, the rummaging tributaries, rushed off of the gamut resistance. The rolling cages of our bodies and walking appendages, precipitate the longing that will and never be quenched. PALESS rocks the understated. Journeys begotten by the whispers of memories, resisting against the erosion of time’s tides and its impending succession.

“The title should be written movie to movie, but we dared to move from movie to movie,” said PALESS. “It sounds good. One day, when Ryohei made a joke-like track, the guitarist Yuki, who listened to it, was so moved that it became a song. Every human and animal eye has a movie. From the time they are born to the time they die, people pass by a lot of humans, and they live by watching each person’s movie for an instant. This song is like that.”

In January 2009, Ryohei Otsuki united his band at Tokyo, Japan. Kaori participated in 2010. Yuki Kasugaya participated in 2016. Released a songbook SUNAHAMA with 9 download codes(+1bonus track)as a compilation of activities from 2015 to 2019. Released on April 2020.


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