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Palm – Dog Milk

“Bound in the space ship, she travelled solo, into the milkiness of the galaxy. Rocks and rocks, without saying hi, whizzed passed her small but able craft. She smiled in incessant satisfaction, to the plight of her magnificent adventure.” Palm’s Dog Milk just makes us want to take that ‘trip’. Optimistic feel, but perpetually dark – the song is a fabulous conjuring of the mind’s imagined images.

Her smile stretched ear to ear, “I can’t believe it! It’s so beautiful!”

She put her rose cheeks against the large panoramic pilot’s windshield and absorbed the glory of the dust and rocks passing her by. Her craft was driving forward, well, at least “1 gazillian kilometers” an hour, she estimated.

Her shrugging of her shoulders at the thought dissipated quickly, as she started smiling again, and moaning audible “oohs” and “ahhs” at the view.

The vast blackness was pitch black, with only lights from distant starts to reference her through.

The instruments seem quite strong and indicated that she was in a great path.

She could see Andromeda far off into the unknown horizon.

Her pet dog was there with her, and now he wanted a look-see.

Both kept smiling, the dog with panting tongue licking the window.

She was in heaven.

“Doctor, she has this smile on her face. Is this normal?”

“No, it’s not. But it seems the procedure did some good.”

“Hope she will wake up and recover from this,” the doctor said as he undid his mask. “We never know what the shocks do to the person.”

“Let’s hope for the best.”

“There’s Andromeda, Ralphy! We’re on our way! Can’t wait to see it!” she shouted, as they continued their adventure, into the darkness of depths.

It’s a fab song.

So, cool. So, innovative. So, mysterious. So, dark.

It’s what we love.

The gang in the band is coming up to their release of their 3rd album offering ‘Rock Island’. So far, to the public, this and ‘Pearly’ has been released.

The full album will drop on February 9, 2018.

They’re rep’ed by Car Park Records, a nifty label in Washington, D.C.

The band’s tour schedule in first quarter of 2018 is set. Check the dates out on their Facebook page.

We dig it. You should too.



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