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Palm Springsteen Shares ‘Hey There Cowgirl’. “Let’s have the song speak for itself.”

PALM SPRINGSTEEN brings the fire in ‘Hey There Cowgirl’. And when Palm calls you out for the sexiness that you are, you might as answer him.

There are very few songs in this world where words don’t do justice, as much as the music. The song speaks for itself, of its band, of the minds where the lyrics and flow comes originates.

‘Hey There Cowgirl’ is one of those. And when this let-your-hair-down single of utter single focus (fun), the story of the gals in the lyrics just form into life.

PALM SPRINGSTEEN is anchored and defined by the voice, and as the memories of decadence marked by the aura of The Strokes, the band explodes into candor and guitar ridden excellence.

The gang is in Los Angeles with producer Tony Hoffer with finalizing the last bits towards their debut record.

Look for more from this dynamic rock band in 2019.



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