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Palo Sopraño Shares ‘Bossa Nova’. New Single. New Dreams. Take That Hill.

The guitar and the ‘hymns’ of Palo Sopraño’s vocals drive the arrangement to another strawberry ice-cream Sunday kind of feeling. Yes. That feeling of humming to the tune, while walking and striding up the hill of the unknown and the expected future. It’s golden, purple, pink, and wild. Be careful of the rocks on the side of the well beaten path to that glorious sunshine. Don’t get hurt. If you don’t, it’ll be worth the wait. ‘Bossa Nova’ is worth that wait.

Ryan Pickard is a Singer/Songwriter of the project he calls Palo Sopraño. And take it to heart. When he prints out a single here and there, it’s like drinking water when thirsty.

Cells grow.

Minds expand.

The edges of the mind-Universe is repelled.

The harsh realities of fantasies are with-held into contempt.

Well. Just a little bit more, at least.

The Bend, Oregon musician and producer is waking up to our reality. And hungrily and maybe sometimes poignantly passes that lateral shift into our wide vision in tattered daily assumptions.

It’s a good thing.

Listen to Palo. Listen.

He’s rep’ed by Spirit Goth Records.



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