Pandagolff ‘PIANO PIANO’ : No junk. Not cheap. Scandalously luscious.


The young Japanese post-punk band Pandagolff play ‘PIANO PIANO’ with ripped synth and guitar distortion that urges that sweet, sweet confusion but in all of the indelibly luscious rock goodness.

The song ends up being a brilliant balance between this lofi forceful sound and the cuteness of the female vocals. Developing into a melodious progressive second half the song tell listeners that they have even more embrace and love.

Born in 2019, Pandagolff released a self-produced single called ‘Facety pet/Mongri’ that directly ranked 3rd in the monthly chart of the famous CD/record store mona records in Tokyo. Their song ‘JC’ was then 2nd in the weekly chart of TOWER DOORS (the curation media of TOWER RECORDS).

They release their 1st album ‘PANDANCE’. Following the steps of artists like Cibo Matto -the 90’s ‘shibuya-kei’ band from NYC-, or more recently the all-female punk band CHAI, they serve some new-wave punk with a delicious cheap junk flavor.

Oh so scandalous, to be sure.


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