Paper Dog ‘Birds’ : In a beautifully decanted with breath and of purity.

Paper Dog

Essence. The quality of which a body or of mind, captures the critical mass of meaning. A meaning that speaks. A meaning that doesn’t curtail, but support expansion of horizons. That’s where Paper Dog’s single ‘Birds’, exude.

From shimmering vocals to the beckoning interludes of vibes and sparkle, the single speaks in that lessons learned – lessons given.

‘Birds’ is a single that reflects on the myriad of feelings that come when a relationship splits apart: Freedom mixed with the bittersweet taste of nostalgia… threaded through every lyric, vocals, harmonies.

The band’s beautiful descriptions of life’s scars, harvest inspiration from contemporary pop and jazz, pushing reminisced passes of thoughts and memories, in a beautifully decanted with breath and of purity.

Paper Dog is comprised of guitarist Andreas Vangen Andersen, keyboardist Martin Sandvik Gjerde, bass player Simen Wie, vocalist Kristin Myhrvold and drummer Kenneth Enes Kristoffersen.


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