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Parachute Words Shares ‘Funny Heart’. “Ain’t it the truth?”

PARACHUTE WORDS is lead by Martino Gasparrini. Blues tinged, bedroom hithers comes off as bejeweled decadence in his single ‘Funny Heart’.

The charming lullaby is the key to being succumbed to the ways and means of valiant hearts. A struggle to love and be hesitant to the harshness of possible betrayals, it shields with enthusiastic smiles, trying to move forward.

Even if the world seems to be crumbling around her she resists with the notions of a love that will last.

Even if the world has been flamed into asunder, he knows that at the end of it all, she cares and will be by his side.

Loving approaches to the delicious chaos of the world, is where the heroics become.

We all should aspire to give caring and love, a better chance at success.

Martino thinks so.

“The song was written pretty much fully in my head as I was doing what the song itself describes. I was out on a cold Tuesday night and I started humming along the melody. On the bus back I took out my phone are wrote down the vast majority of the lyrics in one go. I finished telling myself “great, all the hard work is done”.”

Funny is serious.

Serious maybe funny.

We’re a bunch of contradicting souls.

Trying our best.

Ain’t it the truth?

The band is completed with George Barker, Ollie Cox, and Tony Lea.



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