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PARACHUTER Shares ‘Trouble Talking’. “New project. Same warm & thoughtful vibes from Wesley.”

Brand new project by PARACHUTER, is the experiences and expression by Wesley Jensen. The involved bedroom-pop endeavor takes on a beautifully set single in ‘Trouble Talking’. The song culminates in an absolution, with the contrast of the un-knowable, interacting with the personal curiosities that amplify and hinder the coming future.

We’d been first acquainted with Wesley a year ago through his past project Wesley Jensen & the Penny Arcade. In that project, a more rockin’ vibe was incorporated.

But in PARACHUTER, his aim is markedly different. Though the shimmer is much more apparent, Wesley’s warm and interesting vocals remain – and we’re glad.

The horizon seems to be a factor of unending expectation, as the song is consistent in its ambitions. The causal ambiguities, solidify electively, as the shimmering instruments, tell-tale the ambience and true beauty that may or may not await.

As for the new project, it’s hitting the pavement running.

Look for more from Wesley.



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